Kate Bolia - Native American Artist

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I am a painter who is driven by a desire to create a mirror reflecting my soul and the path that guides me.  My style aims to blends realism with loose, artistic brushstrokes that bring a painting to life.  Bright, vibrant colors and bold style lend themselves to a wide range of subject matter, my favorite being the Native American people.  As a Native American, this is where my heart lies.   I feel very lucky and blessed to be able to pursue my gift full time and to have found the path my art is meant to travel.


I’m a passionate artist, seeking to build an emotional connection between my work and the viewer. I grew up in rural South Carolina and as a young child tapped into my creative side in an elementary school art class.  Growing up, I spent most of my time drawing and studying art. It was my escape from a life less fabulous than the one I knew I was meant to have.  Not only was it less than fabulous, it was downright sad and broken.  I drew and dreamed and knew it was my way out. 


I started college with a major in art, but was persuaded by family and society that a “real” career path would be my only way to make something of myself.  I got lost in trying to make myself more “normal”, more able to fit in and not stand out.  I went to work every day and sat in front of a computer and felt dead inside.  I was successful at what I did, but I kept searching.  Hoping for a change of scenery and maybe a real change in my life, I moved to LA and was lucky enough to work for one of the most influential people in the US.  I met celebrities, CEOs, musicians, you name it.  However, something was still missing. 

While in LA, I got engaged to the most wonderful man and moved back to Atlanta.  I took a job that I hated and for the first time in my life, I was fired.   Thank God for small blessings.  During this time I had started drawing again as an escape and now that I was without a job I drew more, I picked up pastels, I started painting in oils.  I found that the talent I had as a teenager hadn’t died, it was quietly waiting and growing and maturing.  

It struck me one day that I could express in a painting my Native American roots and the connection I feel with these people.  I am a tribal member of the Pee Dee Indian Nation of Upper South Carolina and the issues of the Native American people have always held a place in my heart, but recently became something more.  I have learned to look at life differently, give more appreciation for who I am and where I come from. I have learned to respect the elders that came before me.  My heart has expanded along with my knowledge.  Once this started to happen, it was a natural place for my art to go.  Thus, I continue to paint and try to convey my inner being in works that reflect the people and things that touch me.  I live in Atlanta with my husband, Don, and two dogs, Beaugregard and Mirabelle.